Urban Analytics, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary firm providing consulting and research services in the fields of transportation and land use planning and modeling.  We have extensive experience in land use, and travel demand modeling and forecasting applications throughout the United States. Our principals have pioneered the development and application of UrbanSim, a state-of-the-art land use model system that is rapidly becoming a standard in the United States and abroad. 

Urban Analytics was founded in 1991. The firm's principals have over 50 years of combined experience in urban and regional planning and analysis.  We recognize the complex feedback connecting urban transportation, land use, and environmental quality, and have substantial experience in the implementation and use of models that capture these interdependencies and apply them to more effective planning.  Urban Analytics combines extensive technical expertise in modeling and forecasting with a thorough understanding of the process for urban transportation and land use planning. We are committed to excellence and innovation in addressing the needs of our clients.

The evolution of modern multi-centered metropolitan areas has brought increasingly complex commuting patterns, transportation systems, air quality impacts, and transportation-land use interactions.  These changes require increasingly sophisticated applications of travel demand models in order to develop sound approaches to transit and roadway planning and travel demand management.  With expertise in the development and use of such models, Urban Analytics offers services in the following areas:
  • Travel Demand Model Development and Application
  • Transit Planning
  • Travel Survey Design and Analysis
Land Use
Analyzing and forecasting patterns of employment and population location within rapidly changing urban regions requires a thorough understanding of the processes affecting urban development, and the models and tools appropriate to measure and predict the structure of evolving cities.  Paul Waddell designed and leads the development of UrbanSim, a state of the art land use model system, and the new Open Platform for Urban Simulation (OPUS).  Through Urban Analytics, we provide services to clients wanting to apply UrbanSim in their region, by offering customized data integration, model design and specification, model estimation, and a software application and user interface tailored to the needs of the client. The software is Open Source, and the client can examine, extend, and even re-distribute the software.  UrbanSim can be used tin conjunction with existing four-step and new activity-based travel models to evaluate:
  • The effects of transit and roadway improvements on urban development and real estate prices
  • The effects on traffic and travel patterns of development patterns and changing demographics
  • Transit Oriented Development policies
  • The effects of local comprehensive land use plans
  • The effects of urban growth boundaries and other forms of growth management