Urban Analytics provides value to clients who want to maximize their productivity in developing UrbanSim applications, whether they need simple models for sketch-planning, or state-of-the art integrated land use and activity-based travel models. 

UrbanSim users have various options for obtaining help in applying UrbanSim.  In addition to the freely available software, there is a user mailing list where users can post questions and generally obtain answers to their questions.  In addition, the UrbanSim team makes every effort to document the system and provide tutorials.  However, without funding for this activity, it has become difficult to provide prompt support from the core UrbanSim development team on grants funded by NSF and other agencies.  In order to accommodate rapidly growing user needs for support for applications, technical assistance and trouble-shooting, we have developed a professional consulting solution to provide high quality support to users who wish to take advantage of this.

Users who are interested in a higher level of support than can be provided by the user community on the UrbanSim user list, can opt for an annual UrbanSim support subscription.  A subscription entitles clients to have up to two representatives post questions on the support site, and a general expectation that those questions will be answered within one business day.

In addition to answering questions, assistance in trouble-shooting, bug-fixing and documentation, additional services are available for more extensive support needs, such as consulting support for developing a base year database, or a complete application, or adding features to the system.  These additional services are arranged on a customized basis depending on the nature of the task and the personnel and level of effort required to implement the enhancement.  Urban Analytics will post a list of development initiatives, and users can comment on these or propose their own.  One or more users may combine their efforts to support the implementation of any tasks listed in the enhancement list.  By expressing interest in a task or refinement using the online system, the information provided will make it possible for Urban Analytics staff to coordinate efforts and prioritize appropriately.  Users who are already subscribers may support refinements either individually or in collaboration.

Contact us to learn more about our support options, or to request a quotation.